A night at a restaurant

This picture was shot tonight after dinner. Taking the column in the road as leverage and exposed for 2 seconds. There is a peaceful feeling to this restaurant. It is located in a old region Tai Po Hui. In the forum, many people said they have lots of childhood memory in the shop. I appreciate they have some ingenuity in their operation. For instance, they setup a book/comic shelf in the restaurant that allows the diners have a taste of the spiritual fruits provided by the books. To ensure I can still enjoy the dinner, I took a not-so-academic book – a sci-fri comic book called Chronowar (電夢時空).

Instax Wide Ross Xpres - F11, 2s

Shoot at Sept 24, 2016 (Sat)

Eightland Cafe Restaurant in Tai Po


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1 Response to A night at a restaurant

  1. Excellent photos, I’m very impressed by your skill as photographer and as “technician” !
    PS: I would really like to try one of your cameras…


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