Why modify a Fuji Instax Camera? Introduction of Ms Instax Yashica Mini

When people use the Fuji Instax camera for awhile, they will usually have a few questions:

  1. Is it possible to turn off the flash light? (The faces are all over-exposed!)
  2. Why the background all dark when shooting at night?
  3. Is it possible to have bokeh? Can the background be blurred when the subject is clear and nice?

It leads us to realize that Fuji only produces a very basic camera that provides only “point-and-shoot” function. It is good for commercial purpose as it minimizes the learning curve of the buyers. But when the buyers are more educated, they are unsatisfied.

Hence, we modify the nicely built and cute Fuji Instax Mini with a vintage lens. Yes, it can do all the three things above – turning off the on-camera flash, retaining the background during night shooting, providing bokeh to the subject. It is no longer an innocent camera. It is a professional camera but with a somewhat cute look.

May I introduce Ms Instax Yashica Mini. She is the modern day heir of Yashica and Instax family. For the days to come, I shall introduce more features of Ms Instax Yashica Mini.


Fuji Instax Mini 7s with Yahsica lens


Capable of connecting external flash. The on-camera flash has been disabled.

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