Revisiting three old pictures taken with Canonet QL17

Some time ago I posted about the pictures I took with my Canonet QL17 (Took a year to shoot a roll with Canonet QL17 camera). When I look at the printed photos today, I realised something that I overlooked before.

This train picture appeared to be underexposed. However, it leaded me to focus on the greenish and yellowish light in the picture. It gives a feel of nostalgia and peacefulness. Indeed this colour tone reminds me the metro station in Japan and Taiwan.


This isn’t a random dog, but a dog of my neighbour. I saw it quite often and I think it recognises me too. How cute is it to see a dog waiting for her mum in the pet stroller? It does take me 30 seconds to do light metering and focusing. It hasn’t complained that I spent so much time in focusing. I always wanted to give this picture to my neighbour but I haven’t done it yet. May be it should be a new year resolution?

This one was taken in the same supermarket. This dog is standing there so patiently to wait for its mum. It does seem to take a serious look to my camera. I wonder if it is posing for me?

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