Shooting 35mm film on Yashicaflex

Recently my friend has tried to use my 135 old Pentax camera that I brought online. It turned out the camera has some issues and she stopped shooting that roll. I have extracted the film out and tried to use in my Yashicaflex to shoot 35mm pictures. Because Yashicaflex is designed for 120 films and hence it will shoot a much wider picture like panorama.

It needs some tricks to shoot 35mm film in a twin lens reflex. I used a roll of 35mm to measure how far should I turn the knob in order to position the frame correctly while minimising the distance between each frames.

The TLR pictures look very special. It is different from what you take with a normal 135 camera. This is partly due to different mindset when you frame the picture and the impact of the viewfinder in TLR versus the usual 135 camera. Naturally I tend to shoot more pictures in vertical than horizontal as it needs some sleight of hands to take the horizontal picture. And it is less intuitive as I need to use the sport finder in TLR to take.

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