HMV has gone; these are our last instant pictures

I took this pictures in HMV last year to test out the world first modified Instax Square camera. The results was quite good. But at that time, a staff warned us that we cannot take pictures in the shop. He said “you guys shouldn’t do ‘such’ thing in a record shop. “. Oh…’such thing’.. I admit I did feel a bit offended with this term. I was in my “street photographer hat” at that time and I can’t help snap one more picture before I stop. In retrospect instant pictures did survive longer than the location that we took the pictures. Sadly speaking that it is proven correct again. Recently HMV has decided to close down their 25 years old CD and DVD stores in HK, including this flagship shop in Central. These became my last Instax pictures in HMV. I now felt it is probably the right thing to fire the shutter despite the warning of the shop keeper.

If you are interested in HMV, let’s take a look at the news report.


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