Take another year to finish a roll with Kodak Retina iia

I’m the type of slow photographer. This time I used more than a year to finish this roll of 35mm film. I still remember the first picture I have taken in Taiwan during X’Mas 2018. I just finished the last picture two weeks ago.

I like this Kodak Retina iia camera. It looks so classic and has a very vintage bellow. It is special when you take out to shoot. The lack of auto or semi-auto mode don’t bother me at all. Almost all my film pictures were taken in manual mode, using cellphone for light metering. It is already a luxury to have a range finder system for me to focus on.

Normally I use ISO 400 for 135 films. It is convenient for both indoor and outdoor shooting. For the pictures from this roll, I forgot the film I used. It should be a Kodak ISO 400 film. It appears a bit too coarse-grained for my taste compared to the Protra film I used before. The pictures are mildly washout, not sure if it is because I’m storing the film inside the camera for too long. The earlier pictures look a bit more washout than latter pictures.

For the focusing, this Kodak Retina has a clearer viewfinder than my Canonet QL17. However, the colour looks more pleasing in my previous 135 roll with Canonet QL17. But I suspect it is due to the difference in film.

In these 135 film pictures, I have a feeling of ‘slowness’ when I look at the pictures. In photos with my Olympus mirrorless digital camera, I have a feeling of ‘instantaneous’ or ‘freezing motion’. It should relate to the time required in manual focus in my film camera. It takes much longer time to compose and hence most subjects I shoot usually quite static. It is probably what we need in our world nowadays. Things change too quickly for us to catch up. It’s time to slow down and see the world in a different perspective.

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