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Lego digital camera – “Percy” – All you need is love

Up to now, I haven’t seen any impressive Lego digital camera. I saw a very simple one produced by Lego but that looks like a simplistic low-end point-and-shoot camera which lacks details and don’t have the usual charm of Lego. … Continue reading

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A peculiar incident on a Minolta 7s camera – Part 2

Here we continue to talk about the restoration of this peculiar Minolta Hi-Matic 7s that found me on its own.  If you haven’t read part 1, please read it first here.  Then you’ll understand why it is important for me … Continue reading

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A peculiar incident on a Minolta 7s camera – Part 1

Every vintage camera begins with a story. Recently I encountered one. A vintage camera has come all the way to visit me. A few weeks ago I was searching for a rangefinder film camera for my friend. I visited several … Continue reading

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Revisiting three old pictures taken with Canonet QL17

Some time ago I posted about the pictures I took with my Canonet QL17 (Took a year to shoot a roll with Canonet QL17 camera). When I look at the printed photos today, I realised something that I overlooked before. This … Continue reading

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New York

Following the London trip, I flied to New York. The first thing I’m not used to is the hotel room is very small. It made it difficult to do anything. I walked along the street in Time Square. It is … Continue reading

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The only Instax taken outdoor this week

These days I’m mostly staying at home due to the widespreading virus threat in the city. What a photographer can do if he doesn’t have chance to go out? There are not much stuff to shoot at home. Hence today … Continue reading

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Daily pictures with Kodak Retina iia

This roll of film was taken around mid-18 to Jan-19, using my Kodak Retina iia. It was the first roll I put into this camera. The earliest picture was taken in the summer of 2018. I remember I wasn’t a … Continue reading

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