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Moments like these

Tonight I had dinner with my family and my good friends. Nice restaurant, good food, great accompanies, interesting conversation, joyful moments and dim light. I just felt the impulse to take pictures. People who indulge in old cameras would understand … Continue reading

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HMV has gone; these are our last instant pictures

I took this pictures in HMV last year to test out the world first modified Instax Square camera. The results was quite good. But at that time, a staff warned us that we cannot take pictures in the shop. He … Continue reading

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World First Instax Square SQ6 modification with a Voigtlander lens

These days I felt in love with the Fuji Instax Square camera. In the era that Polaroid still made new cameras and films, I was only a small kid. Occasionally I had one or two Polaroid taken in the restaurant … Continue reading

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Took a year to shoot a roll with Canonet QL17 camera

I got this Canonet QL17 last year from a flea market. It is actually a flea market counter setup by a camera shop during Chinese New Year time. Got this at a very low price. The camera is workable but … Continue reading

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Black and white pictures with Lego Contessa Nettel camera

Suddenly I wanted to take some black and white pictures with my Lego Contessa Nettel camera. It seems to be a perfect match of black and white pictures with a century old instant camera. It also fits people’s impression of … Continue reading

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Lego camera to the beach

It is not the first time I take Lego Instant Camera – Contessa Nettel to the beach. With a camera with 100 years old, we really need to understand its characteristics to realize its full potential. The old lens made … Continue reading

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The blossom

Recently I purchased two plants at home. I’m obsessed to take some instant pictures for them. Focusing and composition are challenging as the objects are so close. The viewfinder are likely to have some biases. I’m using again the Lego … Continue reading

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