Took a year to shoot a roll with Canonet QL17 camera

I got this Canonet QL17 last year from a flea market. It is actually a flea market counter setup by a camera shop during Chinese New Year time. Got this at a very low price. The camera is workable but not perfect. Its lens might have little signs of fungus. It looks quite challenging to clean that so I decided to shoot this as is. So there are some issues but none of them can’t be overcome – built-in light meter not working, viewfinder is difficult to focus, a bit heavy, etc.

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It took me a whole year to finish this roll. I took 10 shots or so in the first few weeks. Then I left the camera to my father and sister and thought they might be interested to shoot. At least this was what they said at the time. Eventually they shot none. I took a few pictures here and there when I back to my old home. Recently I decided I should finish the roll to see what I have shot. It took me a week or so to finish the last 15 pictures.

I forgot what I have taken before, not until I got the pictures printed today. The pictures are hilarious. It includes dogs in the street, girl crying, boy laughing and other random pictures. I like the feeling of the pictures. The color tone is emotional. It also has some raw feelings. The occasional out-focus didn’t bother me much. It’s part of life, isn’t it? It usually happened during some interesting moments in dim lighting. Sometimes kids are in action and hence the focus wasn’t that accurate. Strangely it did convey to the audience that the moment was special in this way. The out-focus makes the picture stands out from other “proper” shots.


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