A night at F22 foto space

I’m honored to participate in the fantastic opening ceremony of F22 foto space last Friday. With an elegant and classy interior, F22 foto space is a gallery focusing on photo art and contemporary design. Everything associated with this gallery has a unique feeling of modern meeting classic. It also has an amazing collection of Leica cameras. I’m really impressed by Douglas’ passion in not only photography but also in life. Without the passion in life, one would never go so far to create these one of a kind museums.

Douglas (the founder) was presented a special edition of Leica camera from Leica!

I also brought some interesting cameras to there – two of my latest Lego cameras. The Contessa Nettel Tessco is the older among the two with a hundred years old.


Douglas, Huang Jing and Amelie

It’s a wonderful night. Met up with F11 Photographic Museum team and many interesting people. What made this event special is that many people were holding Leica cameras. Even the guests on the stage were shooting with their own Leica cameras when other speakers were delivering speech. I also saw some fanatic photographers shooting with three Leica cameras when we were talking. He kept changing cameras and shoot every 30 seconds. Don’t get me wrong. I just thought it looks quite costly to shoot films in this way but I’m tempted to try that too some day !

During the night, I went into lengthy detail to explain how to operate these two Lego cameras and more importantly “what (the hell) is it”. It is fun to demonstrate how to take the pictures with them. It always aroused some amazement and laughter. It looks like we all became kids again and enjoyed Lego + these reborn antique cameras.  I also had the privilege of receiving a SX-70 Polaroid picture from Jack. It really reminds me the old days I took Polaroid in Christmas dinner with my parents. All precious moments.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Enjoy the magic of Instant Photography

Wish everything goes well with F22 foto space and continue to share the art of photography.

Find out more about F22 foto space


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