Moments like these

Tonight I had dinner with my family and my good friends. Nice restaurant, good food, great accompanies, interesting conversation, joyful moments and dim light. I just felt the impulse to take pictures. People who indulge in old cameras would understand that the mobile phone camera can never satisfy your desire in taking pictures at times like these, even for certain popular phone that was considered to co-develop with the top notch camera company.

It’s lucky that I have a modified Instax Square camera with me. The native Instax camera can’t help as it is not particularly suitable for low light situation. With the vintage lens, I have all the manual control I needed, using F5.6, 1/25s.

Analogue picture is imperfect. It also took me considerable time to guesstimate the aperture and focus to use. People always wondered if I’m using my mobile phone to take pictures when I use the light meter app. I think the imperfection is more ‘human’. It reflects the imprecision, struggles that we have in preserving the moment in an artistic way. In digital camera, it comes too easy and everything comes so perfect, which lacks the imperfection that shaped the humanity.

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