Daily pictures with Kodak Retina iia

This roll of film was taken around mid-18 to Jan-19, using my Kodak Retina iia. It was the first roll I put into this camera. The earliest picture was taken in the summer of 2018. I remember I wasn’t a big fan of 135 film at that time. But I quite like the previous pictures I took with Canonet QL17. As such, I was fancy to use an older style 135 camera such as this Kodak camera to take some pictures.

More often I prefer taking pictures with instant film than using 135 film. But there is  another kind of enjoyment to wait for 135 film to develop. It made me quite nervous before I saw the results. I always feel that I have messed up lots of pictures, like incorrect focus or exposures. But it turned out most photos are still acceptable.

I like the casualness of these pictures. Sometimes it’s even out of focus. But it’s authentic. Life isn’t always in focus. These pictures remind us something about daily life.

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It is tricky to take pictures for my son. Either I can’t see his face or he gives an expressionless face. I think the kids’ photographer knows it very well. Kids are frequently uncooperative in photo shooting. However, some little girls seem to understand by instinct that the photographer is their good friend. They know how to look good in front of cameras and they love to be photographed. They realize their interest and the photographers’ interest are aligned. Both are better off with a well-taken photo.

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Kodak Retina iia

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