Meet up with my dear old friend

Last night there was a typhoon striking Hong Kong. I was meeting with my very good friend for dinner. We have endless topics everytime we met. As she is now not living in Hong Kong, I only saw her a couple times a year, which made our gathering time more precious. I was arriving late, partly relating to the typhoon. I was surprised she ordered a bottle of white wine when she was waiting for me.


Instax Wide Ross Ensign – F4, 1/10s, 1.2m

The most challenging part of the above picture is to shoot at wide open aperture, which needs very accurate estimation of distance to focus, due to the ultra narrow depth of field.


Instax Yashica Mini – F4, 1/8s, 0.9m

I like the plate, the concentric high contrast pattern. This picture reminds me the Taiwanese Bookstore Eslite (誠品).

These pictures show the merit of lens with large aperture value of F3.5/4. With suitable techniques, low shutter speed of 1/4-1/8s are usable. It makes the pictures at night very pleasing without flash. I’m indulged in the dissolving and dark background. For some lens with average quality or the native lens of the instant camera, the black color is not very solid, which reduces the dramatic contrast of the background and the subject.


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3 Responses to Meet up with my dear old friend

  1. I like front face more, side face looks sad. Long time no being a model since taking pre-wedding photo.


  2. Both good photos, I love the first one with more ambient in it, the soft focus of the background and the special light are very evocative, great!


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