Enhancement to Lego Instant Camera

The Lego Instant Camera was announced last week and I received many interesting messages from both the photography communities and my friends. Sharing the ideas with others will usually stimulate other new ideas. I sincerely thanks for all people giving me insightful comments and sharing their own creation to me.

Shooting with Lego Instant intensively for weeks, I identified some aspects that the camera can improve on. Most of the people I met never used a TLR before. They are very amazed by the surreal viewfinder in the Lego twin lens camera, where you can preview the image like a digital camera.

The transparent ground glass on the top (where the Santa Claus facing) shows the image from the viewing lens


How traditional TLR preview the image


However, the ground glass for preview looks dim in certain occasions, in particular looking at objects in dark area and in certain outdoor situation, mostly due to random light entered into the ground glass.

The solution is simple. To build a preview chamber like a tradition TLR. Here is how the chamber looks like. Effectively blocks all the

And they are always having fun with the new parts


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