Parisian Macao

During the holiday, I visited the gorgeous Parisian in Macau. This hotel pushes the extravagant style to a next level, way further than Venetian Macau. I have walked alone in the hotel at night and can’t help to shoot some instant pictures.


Instax Wide Ross Xpres – F11-1/3, 1/2s

Without the luxury of a digital white balance, the Instax pictures reflect the golden tone we see in reality. Sometimes I think it is much better than using artificial white balance adjustment in the digital world. There is a Parisian hallway which mimics the shopping malls in the past eras. It reminds me of the scenes I saw in the movie Midnight in Paris. The many statues depicting the ancient mythology attracts my photographic eyes. I had a few shots on these statues. Some were shot in wide open aperture of F3.8, which is the widest in my Ross Xpres lens. In retrospect, shooting at F5.6 may be a better choice which renders much sharper image.


Instax Wide Ross Xpres – F3.8, 1/25s, 1.5m


Instax Wide Ross Xpres – F8, 1/25s


Instax Wide Ross Xpres – F4+1/3, 1/10

I was staying in the Venetian hotel a few years ago. I like it, perhaps because it carries some past glory lent from the beautiful city in Italy. I think Venetian looks much better now as the slightly wearing outlook more closely resembles the old city it tries to mimic. It is a perfect subject for a vintage lens to capture, but I don’t have time to shoot any unfortunately.

Macau still maintains some heritage from the Portguese and some of its older urban area have not yet been eroded by the high rise commercial buildings. I still see some peaceful community with some well preserved temples and local restaurants. I’m quite impressed and I took a shot when I sneaked out during dinner time. I targeted an old street that just located next to my dining restaurant. I have narrowed down the aperture to F5.6 but not further as it might be too challenging to handheld at shutter speed slower than 1/2second. Nonetheless, I like these wider aperture sometimes as it gives more dizzy light effect, in which these street lamps look like some mysterious bubbles. If I narrow the aperture to F11 or above, the lights would become star shape which is not as magical.


Instax Wide Ross Xpres – F5.6-1/3, 1/2s


Ruins of St. Paul’s – Many selfies by visitors. I would advise people take less selfie and spend more time to enjoy the sites. The pictures quality wouldn’t be too good anyway with the mobile phone. 

Nowadays all casinos in Cotai provides entertainment for children as well. If these big boss is well entertained, their parents can free up more time in casinos. It’s a good strategy.



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