A reading girl in the coffee shop

A girl was reading peacefully among the lunch chatters. Her Korean style dress fits nicely to her shirt and stands out from the dark environment. It already had a good contrast even without the wide open aperture from my Instax Yashica Mini.

Instax Yashica Mini – F5.6, 1/30s, 1m

Coffee Academics, Wan Chai, HK


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2 Responses to A reading girl in the coffee shop

  1. Skirt, not dress.

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  2. Mark says:

    Great modification of Lomo Instant Wide! It looks very clean and professional. You must be very technically savvy to pull one like that, neat and looking like factory made. Congratulations!
    Can you please share with the rest of us the source of the helicoid focusing tube? What is the focusing range of it, in mm? Thanks, and looking forward to your future projects.


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